The well-maintained area on which any building, residential, commercial or industrial facility is located is one of the elements of a company’s reputation. Nevertheless, maintaining it in order requires a variety of professional equipment, tools and qualified personnel. It is of great significance that mechanized cleaning of the territory is of periodic or seasonal nature. For example, collecting leaves or snow, mowing the lawn, planting and grooming. They all require a considerable amount of time and a variety of technical and sometimes chemical means. It is not cost-effective to buy them, and without them it is difficult to achieve good quality. It is reasonable to delegate the execution of territory cleaning to a third-party organisation, thus reducing the maintenance staff, reducing the amount of payments for salaries and taxes.

The area in front of the facility, driveways, car parks and walkways greet visitors and employees on a daily basis. Timely cleaning of any area is a guarantee of people’s safety and that your area will look well maintained at all times. Neat lawns and driveways and paths clear of snow, ice, debris and leaves are a good sign of proper maintenance of any area.

The area around a residential or office building, a commercial or industrial establishment also needs to be kept tidy. The appearance of an area also affects the reputation of a company or individual as a landlord or manager. In the past, people used to clean the area around their home or business by themselves. Nowadays, this is not necessary, as you can order cleaning services from our company. You can always turn to our company to provide area cleaning services. Many customers know the name of the cleaning of the premises, the main tasks of the procedure, but have no idea what kind of cleaning work is needed to tidy up the area around the building.

Area cleaning can be manual or mechanised. Manual tools such as brooms, shovels, trolleys and others are used for manual cleaning. These tools can only be used to clean small areas. For more serious tasks, you will need a tractor, sweeper, sprinkler, lawn mower, chainsaw and other equipment. It should be noted that it is very important to consider the season. In winter, a snowplow, snow removal vehicles, sand and salt for sprinkling and other equipment will be needed. In addition to debris removal, ice will need to be chipped, snow will need to be cleared, and roofs will need to be cleared 2-3 times a day during the snowfall.

Professional work on an adjoining property is always complex, so it starts with planning the cleaning work.

Let’s take a look at what the grounds care includes

  • Arrival of a specialist to assess the amount of work, the area of the site and its technical condition;
  • Drawing up a cleaning plan and schedule;
  • Agreeing the plans with the customer and the deadline;
  • Arrival of a cleaning crew and cleaning of the territory.

Various stages of territory cleaning may be carried out with participation of professional landscape designers, engineers, and gardeners. After the work of our specialists the territory becomes neat and tidy, which is noticed by clients of our company.

Types of works on cleaning of the territory are carried out by our company

The range of services of our company includes:

  • Daily cleaning of the territory from rubbish and dirt, maintaining a sanitary condition of the object;
  • Collection and removal of leaves (in summer) or snow (in winter);
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance of flower beds;

Winter treatment of car parks, paths and driveways with de-icing agents, sprinkling of sand and salt mix;

  • Cleaning of industrial areas, loading and unloading areas, and access roads for trucks and cars;
  • Daily or weekly maintenance of cleanliness and order on site.
  • Removal of bulky waste, cleaning of containers.

All work is carried out by professionals from our company. If necessary we hire professional technics for the removal of the bulky waste and the cleaning of the containers, for the upkeep of the trees or for the removal of the snow.

Our company’s specialists do not use household power tools, but only professional, powerful and precise saws, garden trimmers, hoovers, high-pressure cleaners or brush cutters.

In order to do a good job of cleaning, you need to have special skills for this job. The most important skills are, of course.

  • Knowledge of cleaning techniques;
  • Awareness of the use of machines such as polishers, hoovers, floor cleaners, snow ploughs and other equipment;
  • Awareness of the use and safety of chemicals required for cleaning;
  • Awareness of the use of personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety shoes, masks, etc;
  • Ability to handle and dispose of waste in accordance with waste segregation guidelines.

Our company provides cleaning services for different seasons

Site cleaning in summer includes:

  • maintaining all types of plants so that the cut greenery of the lawn is pleasing to the eye and the trees provide a relaxing shade;
  • sweeping the pavements and clearing all required areas of debris;
  • washing of pavement tiles;
  • cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting litter bins in accordance with schedule and removing their contents;
  • watering the area to knock down the dust;
  • maintaining the storm drainage system and drainage system in good working order so that the summer rain does not create localised pools of water;
  • washing the facade of the building with high-pressure devices.

Furthermore, our company will help you clean up an abandoned area prior to sale or purchase. Clearing of any territory from bushes and small wood is the removal of vegetation and preparation of the land for processing or construction. The price of the work can vary significantly depending on the density and height of the overgrowth. The final cost of clearing a site of trees and shrubs is usually set after an inspection by our specialist.

Winter cleaning includes:

  • clearing pavements, required areas of snow and ice and removing them. Pavement tile washing is not carried out, as an ice coating may form;
  • coating pavements and steps with an anti-icing agent that does not corrode shoes;
  • cleaning eaves from icicles that can injure someone if they fall;
  • clearing roofs of excessive snow that can compromise their structural integrity;
  • responding in time to thawing and additional cleaning of storm drains to drain melt water as quickly as possible.

One of the main advantages of our cleaning company is that we can provide you with post-emergency cleaning services (hurricanes, flooding, etc.).

Emergency situations can happen anywhere; from natural disasters to man-made disasters. In any case, such accidents result in piles of debris, which not only disturb people’s lives, but also pose a threat to human health. The sooner the emergency is cleaned up, the greater the risk of contracting an infectious disease. You should not expect quick help from the utilities after an emergency. Utilities workers are few and far between, and there are a lot of destroyed or damaged facilities. That is why you should immediately seek help from our cleaning company.

We regard it as extremely relevant to note that it is worth ordering territory cleaning for a long-term period, in this case, our company will study all the specifics of the area, and our specialists will help you to maintain your territory in the highest state possible.