A comprehensive building maintenance service is not only about housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance repairs, IT infrastructure maintenance, but also about permanent condition monitoring.

A Facility Management Company is a company specialising in the cleaning, maintenance and sanitising of large private or public areas.

Our company is the appropriate choice when precise work needs to be done on large areas and within tight deadlines, or when certain sanitation standards need to be met, such as in the maintenance of houses and other facilities.

When you decide to hire a home maintenance company, you usually won’t have to incur any additional costs. In fact, in most cases, such companies provide themselves with the purchase of cleaning products and professional equipment to do the job they are assigned to do. Indeed, we do not underestimate a professional who uses quality products for maximum results.

Large structures are increasingly using the services of housekeeping companies on a permanent basis: the agency is responsible for periodically sending a team of appropriately equipped professionals to the structure, often providing a 24-hour service. In other words, modern companies guarantee maximum flexibility in schedules, allowing you to coordinate your needs with the team’s schedule if they wish to supervise the work.

Furthermore, it is usually possible to request a reduction in the number of cleaners or an increase in the number of staff without any difficulty, as the company takes care of all negotiating and administrative tasks.

Our company will help you with the provision of the following: we will monitor the condition of any engineering system (including IT components), assess the need for repair or replacement of equipment, carry out cleaning of the premises, and supply consumables.

Maintaining a timely approach and carrying out preventive work helps to avoid accidents and other unpleasant situations, and ensure the smooth operation of engineering systems and communications.

Most frequently, a comprehensive building maintenance service includes:

  • ┬áDaily maintenance (supervision of operation of engineering systems and communications, range of works to maintain operable condition of building elements and operation of its engineering systems, equipment adjustment works)
  • Scheduled preventive and routine maintenance (scheduled and routine inspections, seasonal preventive maintenance)
  • Routine maintenance
  • General maintenance
  • Housekeeping services
  • Cleaning and grounds maintenance services, etc.

Our companyalso provides more specific services than just maintenance. For instance we can provide disinfestation and deratisation services for household outbuildings.

Various buildings require specific sanitising procedures and ongoing monitoring to ensure that hygiene regulations are fully implemented.

There are also unscheduled cleaning services, i.e. all those activities that take place immediately after a building event such as a renovation. In this case, our company will carry out a thorough cleaning of the premises, finding an individual solution perfectly suited to our needs.

We offer professional cleaning services, both scheduled and unscheduled, for homes and other facilities. Our company consists of a team of hygiene and cleaning professionals who are available on a continuous basis to carry out routine cleaning, special treatments and disinfection work. The professionalism and experience of our staff enables us to offer a state-of-the-art housekeeping service for any premises, carried out with the utmost care and meticulousness.

We only use high quality products perfectly suited to all conditions and requirements. Our sensitivity regarding environmental issues has led us to prioritise environmentally sustainable products with a low environmental impact, capable of guaranteeing excellent performance and end results. Hence the deliberate choice of the latest generation products and equipment, differentiated according to the end use and the type of material to be treated. For each individual job, we can provide specific professional tools to best meet the client’s requirements.

In order to guarantee ideal optimisation of resources and time, housekeeping is carried out based on the features of the building and the specific requirements of the client. Alongside general cleaning, you can also order special procedures. We can also provide immediate assistance with unscheduled cleaning, tidying up and setting up after work.

Our qualified staff are able to work on all types of structures, providing an accurate and personalised service ensuring optimised results at a competitive price. Our specialists undergo periodic training and refresher courses to keep them up to date with the latest developments in the market, both in terms of new products and equipment. Our staff is carefully selected to offer a highly professional service for all types of activities, from the smallest to the most complex.

– Time saving

Whether you are an individual or a public organisation, a specialist company can help you save time. A team of cleaning professionals will take care of the removal of germs, bacteria and dust, making the premises clean and ready for people to live in.

– Quality cleaning products and equipment

Our professional cleaning company is proud of the efficiency of its work. Quality cleaning products are essential in order to ensure that the service is always of the highest standard. Actually, the cleaning products used by professionals are often different from those sold in supermarkets. The choice of products as well as machines is based on experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

– Value for money

It is a mistake to think that in order to benefit from the services of a good cleaning company, you have to pay a lot: the cost of the work should be commensurate with the required cleaning service and its frequency, which can be weekly, monthly, daily, etc.

– Effectiveness of the service

As mentioned above, the products and equipment used by professional cleaning professionals are of the highest quality, making them very effective in combating dirt, stains, bacteria and general dirt.

In utility rooms, it is important to thoroughly clean all common surfaces, even the unthinkable ones such as door handles. Our cleaning professionals are indispensable when you want perfect cleanliness in all areas.

– Flexibility to meet your requirements

The main objective of our company is to provide professional, quality work to our clients. For this reason, flexibility in terms of timing, service and rhythm of work is central to our company in this sector. A self-respecting company will always be ready to meet the needs and requirements of its clients.

Leading European manufacturers specialising in providing the best technological solutions for the service industry are our partners. That is why our company copes with any type of work without causing any damage to surfaces and health of people.

  • cleaning and washing of door units
  • removal of dirt from floors, walls, and building utilities
  • removing dirt from lighting fittings
  • dry and wet floor cleaning with an industrial hoover
  • dust removal radiator cleaning
  • debris removal
  • dusting of partition tops, projecting wall elements

If necessary our company can provide the following types of cleaning services:

  • Urgent. The room will be cleared in the shortest possible time.
  • Eco-cleaning. No potentially harmful chemicals are used;
  • Industrial cleaning after renovation works. Helps to completely eliminate all domestic signs of the repair work that has been done.