Facade and roof cleaning and maintenance

Weather, smog, acid rain and atmospheric agents are the main cause of damage to facades and roofs, both structurally and aesthetically.

Scheduled and preventive measures can help avoid this type of problem.

Psychologists claim that the effects of a visually pleasing clean facade affect people’s psychological and physical well-being and help to create a comfortable atmosphere. But not just for beauty’s sake, facade cleaning is indispensable. Dust particles which accumulate on buildings come into contact with mist or rain. Alkalis and acids are formed which gradually destroy the facade material. Consequently, over time a rather large amount of money will be required for repairs. Regular cleaning of the facade will save a great deal of money.

Our company is the ideal partner for the cleaning and washing of facades and roofs.

For these types of work, we use special facilities and equipment such as low pressure water cleaners, cranes and lifting platforms which allow the operators to work in complete safety.

We offer our clients a guarantee of the best possible result and at the same time guarantee the least possible inconvenience in their work.

Our company also specialises in cleaning work at height.

The work is carried out in total safety using equipment and machines specifically designed for this purpose. Our interventions are able to remove all dirt and get to the most inaccessible places.

In addition, our company uses safe products specifically designed for cleaning at great heights.

To keep a solar power plant in perfect working order, the photovoltaic panels must be cleaned periodically. Dirt that accumulates over time can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 25%.

The cleaning operations are performed by experienced and specially trained personnel using specific products that do not scratch or damage surfaces and do not leave any residues that could impair the performance of the system itself.

We can professionally remove all dirt from your facade, even if it is extremely dirty.

We professionally remove dust deposits from construction, smog, fire and soot.

We rid any building of micro-organisms, moss and mould.

We also clean facades:

  • industrial buildings
  • residential buildings
  • other buildings

For cleaning facades we use water-jet cutting machines with chemical solutions selected in accordance with the type of dirt and materials on the surface to be cleaned.

After cleaning, we carry out a preventive treatment with fungicides and bactericides.

High-pressure cleaning and washing of facades and roofs

Using high-pressure pumps, it is possible to treat facades and roofs, removing smog, smudges and graffiti completely and effectively.

Our high-pressure cleaners are powerful and large enough to drastically clean surfaces contaminated with mould, algae, smog, old paint, dirt of all kinds, etc.

The various uses of facade and roof washing include:

  • removal of deteriorated plaster
  • bricks and masonry joint lines
  • sanitization of exterior walls
  • marble and travertine cleaning
  • graffiti removal
  • dismantling of paintings

Many buildings are in such a state of neglect while maintenance increases their economic value and improves the standard of living.

Our company carries out targeted work to improve the appearance of residential properties.

As the roof is a fundamental element of any building, roof cleaning must be performed regularly. The roof is undoubtedly an essential element, which is why roof cleaning and maintenance must be carried out regularly. Roof cleaning and maintenance should be done at least once a year with a serious approach so that the roof is not damaged. The best time is early December, when the leaves have fallen from the trees and can be removed if they are clogging the gutters. Cleaning the roof is rarely done.

It is because many buildings are always so neglected that the question arises as to how to clean the external facades of buildings and roofs.

With the most modern equipment and the professionalism of our staff, our company cleans the facades of buildings of all sizes.

All types of facades are washed with water. We restore facades to their original state. The cleaning of facades with high pressure water jet cleaning is a very effective method of removing dirt. High-pressure water washing of surfaces infested with mould, algae, smog, old paintwork, general dirt, etc.

The surface of all buildings, especially urban ones, is constantly under attack from atmospheric and polluting agents due to smog and acid rain, as well as wear and tear due to time and vandalism. Therefore it is necessary to clean all types of façade material: paint, brick, stone, marble, wood, glass, metal.

There are special detergents designed specifically to protect and renew facades of buildings and decorations which have been worn down or stained by spray paint from graffiti cans.

When it comes to cleaning smog blackened facades, various techniques and products are used, depending on the type of surface to be treated.

Unfortunately, weather and smog damage them over the years and they become dirty easily.

An effective restoration involves cleaning followed by a good protective treatment.

With the support of our technicians, we will assess which materials should be used to carry out a professional water wash and restore the natural colour of your facade.

For better preservation over time, we always recommend the application of a layer of reinforcing agents or water repellents, depending on the specific façade material.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your guttering will help to keep it in good condition for a long time.

Dirt buildup can cause water to seep into the roof and walls of a house.

This causes the structure to deteriorate, requiring costly maintenance. In addition, stagnant water should be avoided, which causes the reproduction of various types of insects as well as unpleasant odours.

Our company, with its roof cleaning technology, works in complete safety and with less time and money.

Accumulated dirt is removed using a high-pressure cleaner.

The following debris can be collected: leaves, needles, moss, sand, stones, earth and dirt.

The roof cleaning procedure is generally fast and does not leave any dirt on the ground.

We also clean roofs, gutters including frames and sills, concrete and stone retaining walls, pavements and driveways.

We also sand and paint wooden ceilings, sand and paint wooden facade parts, wash and paint retaining walls, and sand and paint balconies.

Advantages of ordering facade and roof cleaning in our company:

  • professional equipment;
  • high quality of work;
  • cleaning of all kinds of materials – brick, glass, stone, concrete, plastic etc;
  • the use of safe chemical compounds;
  • restoration of building to its original appearance without damage;
  • works of any complexity at any height;
  • efficiency and individual approach to each client.

Our service is not difficult to order. The most straightforward way is to make a phone call. The consultant will ask a few clarifying questions in order to present the scope of work. Then a specialist from our company will come to you to make the necessary measurements on site. The data is then used to compile documents and select the best personnel and equipment for the job. The entire preparation procedure is carried out within the shortest possible time.